The following command file will download a copy of all the data stored in your PEM2.

This command only applies to PEM2s purchased or recalibrated after April 7, 2009 due to a change in PEM2 firmware. PEM2s purchased (but not recalibrated) prior to this date will not be affected by this command.

  1. The first step is to insert a blank flash drive into your computer. You’ll be saving the command file to this flash drive; and then inserting it into the logger to apply the change.
  2. Open your web browser to:
  3. Click on “Settings” Below where it says “PEM2 Hardware Support” (you will not need a username/password to access this area).
  4. Enter the serial number for the logger in the first text field (in the format P2_XXXXX).

    The serial number is NOT required, and if a serial number is entered the command file will ONLY work on that datalogger.

  5. Find the Checkbox labeled “Download All Data” and click to select it.

  6. Click on the “Generate” button at the bottom of the page. This will create a file called command.pm2 (or P2_XXXXX.pm2, such as P2_01234.pm2, if you entered a serial number) – it will either automatically be saved to your “Downloads” folder, or you will be prompted to select a Save In location; this will depend on your web browser’s settings.
  7. Once the file is saved to the flash drive, eject it from your computer and then insert it into the PEM2 logger. Once the hourglass clears, remove the flash drive.