These instructions are for editing the contents of a PEM2 Data file.

  1. Open file in Notepad
  2. CTRL + F to launch “Find” tool
  3. Type in the date for the beginning of the desire date in YYYY-MM-DD format, i.e. 2019-02-16, then click on Find Next
  4. Close the Find box. The first instance of that date will be highlighted. To select data from that point until the end, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+END
  5. Hit DELETE to remove the data
  6. Save the file, and close it
  7. Current procedure is to create a folder on IPI’s Dropbox site for that institution and share it with contact, upload the data files to the folder, create a shareable link to that folder, then include the link to that folder in the confirmation of receipt email
  8. Keyboard shortcut sequence, used to speed up the process a bit, is as follows:
    1. CTRL+F – launch “Find”
    2. Type in date then CTRL+C to copy / CTRL+V if date was previously copied
    3. ENTER – initiate search
    4. ESC – close “Find” box
    5. CTRL+SHIFT+END – select all data after user’s requested date
    6. DELETE – remove unwanted data points
    7. CTRL+S – save edited file
    8. ALT+F4 – close data file