The blinking hourglass indicates that the PEM2 is busy either uploading data to a flash drive or is executing a command. Allow the hourglass to stop blinking before removing the flash drive. If the hourglass will not stop please contact Technical Support at or (585) 924-6510

The battery icon indicates that the batteries are low.

The flashing "half moon" icon indicates that the PEM2 is in the energy saving ship mode. The icon displays only when the PEM2 is just purchased and out of the box. Inserting a USB flash drive into the port on the right side of the PEM2 will start the normal operation mode and begin collecting data.

The 100% icon indicates that the inserted flash drive is full.

The flashing wrench icon indicates there is a problem with the operation of the PEM2. Please contact Technical Support at or (585) 924-6510