Battery Specification

The PEM2 uses 4 AA batteries. With the first set of supplied batteries, the PEM2 has an estimated battery life of +/- 5 years.

If the battery icon displays on the PEM2's screen, it indicates that the batteries are low and should be replaced.

Changing the Batteries in Your PEM2

The PEM2 datalogger takes 4 alkaline or lithium AA batteries. Lithium batteries are strongly recommended for freezer storage locations.

Once you remove the batteries from the PEM2, the logger's timestamp may reset to the factory start date (2007) and generate unusable data.

It is highly recommended that you reset the PEM2's timestamp after changing the batteries. You can find instructions on how to do so here: 

Battery Replacement Procedure

  1. Using a size 0 long Philips head screwdriver, remove the 4 screws that hold the case together and lift off the back of the case
  2. Disconnect the battery holder from the PC board by unplugging the two-pin socket.

    Please note the orientation of the socket before removing

  3. Using the same screwdriver, remove the single screw and battery holder backing
  4. Remove the old batteries (note the orientation of the + and - ends of each cell) and replace with new ones
  5. Replace the battery holder backing and replace the screw
  6. Plug in the two-pin socket and reconnect the holder to the PC board
  7. Verify that the logger is working correctly by checking the display. Replace the 4 case screws.